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1947 Chevy 3/4 Ton flat bed farm truck

(((FOR SALE)))
I bought this 1947 Chevy truck for purpose of removing the cab and nose.  The body is in excellent shape, was the original green
paint under the hood. The good news is it's pretty solid no major holes. Floors had been patched with roofing flashing.
The plan is to do a Chevy S-10 frame swap. The 3/4 ton is a heavy duty 1 ton frame with 8 lug wheels. The six cylinder runs like
a champ but I have other plans. Going with a LS1 style fuel injected 5.3.
The 47 has arrived Bosley dog inside likes it so far! It runs and drives brakes aren't working other then that it's in decent shape.  March 2009
     Just picked up the Engine it's out of 2005 Silverado 5.3 drive by wire motor.
I picked up this complete running GMC S-15 for the frame.
My son is using it while I hunt for parts. Has a V-6 better
on gas then his other truck. It's a long bed, frame is good.

Transmission will be a 4L80 4 spd auto from a 2002 GMC.
It's a bit of a beast 100lbs heavier then a TH400, it's heavy
duty should be fine for a small truck.
My son ended up putting a few thousand miles on the 
truck. I finally got it back with a flat black flame paint job.
I pulled the frame off with the tractor. Engine still runs 
right on the frame.
Here is a shot with the bed and front clip removed.
The frame back from the media blaster.  It's a long bed regular cab 2wd which is best suited for this swap
I notched the rear for max rear drop and added bag brackets. The rear is out of 99 Blazer 4wd it's 4 inches wider to fit under the truck better. I rebuilt the rear and put in new bearings and 3:73 gears. I also had to replace the backing plates and some new cross drilled rotors.
Here's the frame all painted up with black satin frame paint from Eastwood.  Front Arms replaced with Tubular A-Arms. The bags have cups on the uppers only.

All suspension components were replaced. The front calipers are SBBC aftermarkets with cross drilled rotors too.  In the rear you can see the 5 Gallon air tank and compressor for air suspension.
I lifted the cab off the 1 ton frame then rolled the frame out
Next I rolled the S-15 frame under the cab then lowered the whole set with the jack in the front and tractor out back
The floors had some rot so I decided to install some replacement floors first the passengers side.

Next the drivers side, now some solid footing to work with. Next I'll need to get the tranny in so I can see what kind of hump I'll need:)
Cab before in primer

Cab after some hot rot flatz fire while is a cream single stage gloss.
Cab going back on with help from the tractor

Cab back on, onto wiring everything up.
Nose is back on with new grill, everything repainted inside and out.


Lowered on air bags

New bed is painted and installed with new cherry bed wood

Bags raised up, just got back from a 4th of July Parade run

Interior completed with new instruments



The stock 1947 chassis/engine For Sale! 


1985 S15 Chassis $400 local
5.3 LSX engine $500 ebay
4l80E $300 Craigslist
Wheels? Boss blacks ebay
Retro paint Hot Rod Flatz
ZQ8 Sway bar
2" Drop spindles
1998 Blazer Disc brake rear free on craigs
Airbag suspension 4 Link
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 1947 Chevy Truck coming


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