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1966 Porsche 912 L-69

I bought this 66 Porsche while stationed overseas in Aviano, Italy. The guy I bought it from said the clutch was messed up. I bought it for about $900 and drove it home.

I quickly figured out why he thought the clutch was messed up, it was because the car didn't have a standard H pattern and it wasn't a 4 speed. It was 5 speed with first down and to the left. I drove the car for a short while and totatly dismantled it. Did all the body work and repainted it, just in time to ship it home. It made the journey via boat with out scratch.
Next was a Chevy V-8 swap, I used a Rod Simpson swap kit, but ended up going with a Renegade Radiator. After a few attemps of my own cooling systems. Radiator setup is the only real challenge, go with a known working combination. Here is one area you get what you pay for...
4 Bangger VW with dual carbs and stinger header. 100HP? SOLD
L-69 Bored, mild Cam, head work Edlebrock Intake and 600 carb.

Engine opening after engine is removed                                                    Just lift up and it slides right in with tranny bolted on, 4 bolts that's it.
Radiator lines run down the center of the car under the floor.                   Mine was originally a 912 so 911 engine mounts need to be welded in.

Shot of the rear with a custom dual exhaust I made up.  I ended up replacing the rams horns with some block hugger coated headers.
Here's what the engine looks like with the hood up. I used larger rear turbo torsion bars with adjustable trailing arms.

The shot shows the radiator setup with oil cooler opening I enlarged the oppening by another 2 inches to draw more in. I made up the front grill with the old tail grill.

Here is what the finished car looks like. Hard to believe it's a 66.




Completed resto

1986 L-69 Chevy SS 5.0L swap
Racing seats
Complete Paint
OEM Fuchs
Upgraded to 69 front turn signals
80's Carrerra Spoiler
New interior
Adjustable susp upgraded
Tinted and blacked out chrome trim
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