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1941 Ford 2 door Business Coupe

I bought this 41 Ford Business Coupe in the summer of 06 with the intention of doing a frame off original restoration.  The problem is I actually intend to drive this car to some shows that are far away. Sure the Flathead V8 could make it, the drum brakes could slow it down.  But I'm looking to cruise at 75MPH and stop when and where I want.

That's when I saw this C-5 Corvette chassis on Ebay.  A week later it arrived at the house strapped to a pallet!  The main challenge will be the wheel base and track. C-5 wheel base is 104.5" and the coupe is 114" so the torque tube and shaft will need to be lengthened about 10". Also need to make some body changes to make the wheels fit under the fender.
Here is the car as I received it, pretty much a basket case
No interior and a frozen flat head but the price was right.

Here is the power plant I picked up online.

Both front and rear floors, rockers front, center and rear are replaced with replacement panels that are still available.

Here the new passengers side rocker is test fitted. Coming from the north east as usual you have to contend with rot.
Drivers front floor and rocker replaced along with the front lower inner fender are completely cut out and repaired with new. 

Here the drivers side rocker is tacked in along with the floor and toe board.
The rotted trunk is cut out and a new one is being made.  Extra space will be added to make room for the rear mounted tranny.

This is the new roll pan and tool box installed, the trunk rot has been removed and a new one will be in place soon.
The torque tube has been welded with a second tube to make the overal length 10" longer. A new shaft was made by Austin Drivetrain. A coat of aluminum paint was applied and test fitted.

Test fitted torque tube and tranny this is in the back of the car.
I recessed the fire wall about 2" to add some clearance for the LS1 then filled in all the holes through the fire wall.
Test fitting the rear fenders, lights and fuel door are being filled in the track is also wider so mods to the fenders will be needed.
Here is the frame made up with 2X3 box tubing. This will be the mounting point for the chassis and for mounting the body.
The frame is painted black and mated to the C5 suspension.

This is the trunk pan, I'll be using the two corvette gas tanks and      I ended up having to widen the front fenders about 4 inches, the 
between them will be the rear mounted battery.                                 head lights are roughed in for the mini cooper lights. Weld grind:(
                                                                                                             The hood is masked out to be pancaked more welding and grinding.
Finally out of the garage. Hood may get pancacked not sure.             Front view. Panels are hung for test fit still need to redo rear fenders
                                                                                                            so they clear the wheels better.
Here is the dash cutting and fitting for the C-5 Cluster                       The new housing weded on to the dash and cluster test fit.
Rear fenders are extended about 3 inches. Fuel door leaded in.      Running boards fitted, test fitted, seat and wire switches. Hood is also
                                                                                                          pancaked about 2 inches.
Drivers rear side in primer, body guy is soooo slow...                       Shot of the passengers side.
Paint!!!                                                                                              Firewall painted, door jambs and trunk all painted
Made it home without a scratch.                                                         The body sitting back on C5 chassis.



The stock 1941 chassis. sold! 


2002 C5 Corvette drive train
2006 Volvo front and rear seats
Custom sheet metal
Boyd Coddington Magneto wheels
Flush mounted tails
2006 Mini Cooper headlights
GPS  NAV  CD  Rear Cam
Power windows no vent window
Shaved handles
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